What is URSOR?

We’re building a new Internet discovery tool we hope can work as an extension of parenting, and not of big tech. We’re building a tool we hope can help leverage the Internet to educate and entertain our children in an environment that feels safe and productive. We’re building a tool that treats our children like the future, and not like a product. Read more

What is a 'Kid-first Internet'

A web browser is just an application for accessing the World Wide Web. In simpler terms, a browser is an interface that allows someone to visit a particular website from a computer, smartphone or tablet. When someone requests to view a page, the browser retrieves the necessary data from a particular server and displays the page on the device.  Read more

Why is this important?

One way of describing a safe browser for kids, is a browser that prevents exposure to harmful content. A browser that can block pornography, questionable political content, and in our opinion, a browser where parents can have visibility and control over what is shown to their children. Going further, we also believe a safe browser for kids is a browser that maintains their anonymity as they search, doesn’t take kids data, and a browser that should block adverts, as well as the dreaded youtube and youtube kids recommender system that always leads children to spiral into unwrapping video black holes. Read more

How can I try or get involved with URSOR?

We're locked away in the studio polishing and building out last few bits. You can sign up here to keep in the loop of news and access to our beta launch.