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Meet the founding team building URSOR.

Bootstrapping a new kid-first Internet?

July 20, 2022

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Meet the founding team building URSOR.

We are Filippo (bearded) and Joe (non bearded), co-Founders of URSOR, and we’ve never met in person! We became friends and colleagues during the pandemic, at the end of 2020, working remotely on a creative technology project at first, and eventually as co-founders of URSOR.

Joe is a software Engineer, currently completing a PHD in Machine Learning at Oxford University. He can build anything, with any programming language, for any platform. I guess you can call him CTO for now.

Filippo (me) is a kid-tech designer, creative technologist, entrepreneur, and creator of Cubetto and Pigzbe. He can, and has designed all kinds of innovative kid-tech and ed-tech products. I guess you can call me CEO for now.

In reality however, we’re all just humble COTs, meaning we’re all just “Chief Of Things”, doing whatever it takes to build a really cool product to help families harness the Internet as an extension of parenting.

Joe’s mum is a primary school teacher, and Filippo has two children ages 3 and 7, and based on our experiences, both Joe and I agreed that the Internet just wasn’t built for them. The tools our kids use to access it are designed to turn them into a product, and that’s bad!

There are resources available to help manage Internet safety for kids, and ways to build good tech habits in your home for your kids, but there’s nothing that really improves and enhances the way children discover the Internet in a safe and constructive experience, and we thought maybe we could be the ones to build it.

So why did we start URSOR?
3 reasons...

REASON 1 - We both dreamed of bootstrapping a start-up in 2021, and sometimes it’s good to just follow your dreams.

REASON 2 - We both believe that the Internet is completely broken when it comes to kids, and that we could fix this.

REASON 3 - We had so much fun working together, that we decided starting a business as co-founders was the way to go.

How are we funding URSOR?
We’re not...

We’re lucky, because we can build everything ourselves, and we are financing small expenses, which are super minimal, via our full time jobs. We don’t need to rent an office because we are remote first, and we don’t need to travel because Zoom. We just hack and hustle, which only takes time! YUHUUU!

Our commercial ambition is to build a tool that parents all over the world will find useful enough to pay for before the end of 2021, and we think we’ve got it in us to bootstrap our way to a cash revenue positive business.

Only time will tell though! 🤷 💵 🚀

Finally, there is one more member of the URSOR family you should meet. IT’S ALEXIIIIIIIIIS! He’s a young product designer, fresh out of Central Saint Martins, and officially Employee #1, which is super cooooooooool!

We hope you can join our ambitious mission by signing up to our private Alpha program, and we will see you all very soon!

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